Friday, March 18, 2011

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like - I'll serve up more next Friday...
Pray the Psalms for Japan - "Perhaps nothing calls forth more fervent prayers than great disasters such as the one just experienced by the people of Japan in the apocalyptic destruction wrought by Friday’s earthquake and tsunami. Watching the events, I thought of the lessons that I was finding afresh in the daily exposure to the Psalms in the Liturgy of the Hours."
Reviews of Pope's New Book : Jesus of Nazareth, Part Two: Holy Week—From the Entrance into Jerusalem to the Resurrection 
Supernatural Normalcy - "God made everything and everything he made is good. Evil is therefore nothing positive in itself, but the perversion and destruction and distortion of all that is good. It follow therefore that Satan loves everything that is perverted, twisted, destroyed and diseased."
The Law of God is Personal - "God’s law is not the equivalent of a no-parking sign hung by some nameless, faceless city government. Rather it is a personal exhortation, instruction and command given by someone we know and who knows and loves us.
Just Discrimination 'Reflects Wisdom and Prudence' - "Discrimination used to be 'considered a natural process to make decisions, judgements and distinctions on the basis of distinguishing between objective good and evil, between right and wrong'...[but] there has been a 'complete turn around' in how we view the notion of discrimination, turning it into a vice that affronts the prevailing 'attitude of tolerance.'"

Deus Ex Machina: How to Think About Technology - "...the stakes in all this, from the Catholic point of view, remain pretty simple: human souls. The Church has the task to preach the Gospel and teach the faith, and in the process, to lead women and men home to eternal life."
Liturgical Looseness and the Gay 'Marriage' Movement - "...the stakes in all this, from the Catholic point of view, remain pretty simple: human souls. The Church has the task to preach the Gospel and teach the faith, and in the process, to lead women and men home to eternal life."

Pope Urges Priests to Preach on Uncomfortable Topics - "The Apostle does not preach Christianity 'a la carte,' according to his own tastes, he does not preach a Gospel according to his own preferred theological ideas; he does not take away from the commitment to announce the entire will of God, even when uncomfortable, nor the themes he may least like personally"
We Must Be Willing to Suffer the Consequences of Being Pro-Life - "If we want to protect the unborn, then let’s be willing to give our lives for them. Let’s stop counting the cost for ourselves if we speak up and start counting the cost for them if we are silent."

Catholic Marriage Is No One's Right - "...for the Catholic Church, there exists only one kind of marriage—sacramental—and the right of Catholic couples to celebrate the sacrament can be exercised only if they fully understand what they are doing."

Future Prospects of Marriage, Democracy Go Hand-in-hand - "Many people describe our country as currently being engaged in a 'culture war.' A century-and-a-half ago, we were engaged in a civil war. Now, as then, the conflict puts the future prospects of our democracy at stake."

Would you believe genocide against homosexuals? - "[M]any Western governments fret over the "plight" of gays, even as Christians around the globe are losing their right to witness to the healing and redeeming power of God through Jesus Christ."
Is Less Government the Best Government? - [The answer is: Yes] "The Founders of this country clearly understood this, which is why they went to lengths to make the federal government very small, yet very complicated, creating a formula in which the national government would do very little, while the economy and society would accomplish a great deal."
Obamacare: Platform for Single Payer in USA - "A wise wag once defined a political gaff as telling the truth. If that is so, Rep. John Conyer made a whopper yesterday when he admitted that Obamacare is flawed, but that’s okay because it is a necessary platform to impose single payer on the USA. " See also this piece by the same author.

Another Santorum Scandal? - "Is it somehow out of bounds to say that the hideous oppression of women in many Muslim countries is evil? In fact shouldn’t the feminists be cheering Santorum for saying this?"

Rick Santorum Is a Man of Courage in an Age of Cowardice - "Santorum...knows that the reason we should care about expanding economic opportunity is because we respect the dignity of every human person and want to expand participation. His advocacy of smaller government is not anti-government. He calls for the proper application of the principle of subsidiarity out of respect for the primacy of the family as the first society, the first government, the first church, first school, first economy and first mediating institution."
Rand Paul Takes On "Pro-Choice" Busybodies - [Great video...I'm not a huge fan of Rand Paul, but he absolutely nails this one.]

Japanese Quake's Epicenter Located Near Marian Apparition Site - "The purported appearances of the Virgin Mary in Japan were reviewed by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger in 1988. [H]e let stand the local bishop’s judgment that the apparitions and the messages were acceptable for the faithful."

The Rising of the Roses: A Reflection on How the Lord Is Restoring His Church - "Little by little the Lord is raising up men and women in the Church who, by his grace, are ushering in reform and purification. "

No Brother Believer, Catholics Do Not Worship Cookies - "Until the Protestant Reformation, no one denied that the bread and wine consecrated in the Mass become Jesus Christ — body and blood, soul and divinity. No one, that is, except heretics, apostates and non-Christians.
The Catholic's Guide to Atheists - "One of the most common question I get through my blog is: 'How can I talk to my atheist friend / family member / coworker about the Faith?'"
Why We Abstain From Meat But Not From Fish or Wine - "There are three reasons why we fast: to prevent future sin, to atone for past sin, and to direct our minds to the spiritual realities. To put the matter quite simply – fasting is about curbing the concupiscence of the flesh, so that the soul will be more open to heaven."
'Beer has Something to Teach Christians' - "J Wilson has vowed to fast on beer this Lent. The 38-year-old Iowan is following the example of 17th-century Bavarian friars who did not allow solid food to pass their lips during the penitential season but kept going on strong, dark specially brewed beer called doppelbock."
Episcopal priest gives up "church" for Lent - [Yep, you read that right.]


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