Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

Our parish is preparing for the new translation of the Mass, and this weekend we had a taste of how one facet of the liturgy that is seldom discussed will be affected. Because the words will be changed to prayers such as the Gloria and Sanctus, which are generally sung, new music must be composed and put into use. Our choir and organist demonstrated the new Gloria after Mass on Sunday for anyone who wanted to stay and listen. I'll be writing about music and the liturgy in an upcoming post.

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I overheard a conversation among some Protestant Christians asking one another which denomination they would join if their current denomination dissolved. Each gave their answers and also listed a few problems they have with their present church, and why they thought another tradition might be more to their liking. I was struck by the readiness they all had to "jump ship." They seemed to have given this some thought before the question was ever asked and could give ample justification for leaving their church behind. Many of these were ordained clergy, whom you would think would be more committed to their denomination. But I suppose they know the reality...Protestant churches always live on the brink of schism. They are born of schism and they bread more schism. As a Catholic, when asked, "What would you do if the catholic Church ceased to exist or was proven false?" I always respond, "I would be an atheist!" There is no other choice. Either God gave us the Catholic Church (and no other) or there is no God.

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