Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

I had a couple of random thoughts a few days ago concerning atheism. Someday these two ideas may make the basis of a good post or two, but for now I'll just throw them out here...

1) Atheists are more closed-minded than theists - I know, you usually hear the opposite...especially from atheists. They usually claim that they decided to reject God because they opened their minds and became more enlightened. But I don't think that's at all true. Actually atheists have closed their minds to the possibility of a Higher Being. Atheists reject a possible explanation for or existence, simply because they are unable to fathom a thing that is so far above them that they cannot comprehend it. They have their eyes to the ground and are unwilling to look up beyond the material world. They reject a hypothesis because their brains aren't big enough to grasp it. Meanwhile, those of us who believe in God are willing to expand our minds and let God in.

2) Sometime atheistic scientists propose the idea that there are infinite parallel universes in which different realities exist. They use this little mathematical trick to get around some statistical problems that trouble their atheistic mindset. Without going into details, let's just say that it's easier for them to imagine a world where "black" is "white" and "white" is "black" than to admit that there may be a God Who gave us the one universe we live in. So, maybe there's a universe where gravity works differently, or there are different properties for solid matter, or your parents never met and you were never born. With infinite universes, anything is possible, right? So, if there really are an infinite number of universes where anything is possible, then I wonder if we (here and now) are living in the universe where a GOD exists? Wouldn't that be a crapper for atheists?

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I'm working on possibly reviving two series of posts. One is the Male-only Priesthood series, which I allowed to wither and die last year because of my own laziness. The other is a series of posts on the writings of the Church Fathers. I think I'll start with the priesthood series first, since I never really finished it. Then I'll restart the Church Fathers posts. But this week, I may post something completely different...just not sure what yet.

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We are still in the Easter Season... wish someone a 'Happy Easter'! It may surprise them, but it will also remind them that Easter is more than just one day.

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