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Questions and comments about the Catholic Faith are always welcome at Faith and Reason. In fact they are strongly encouraged. I will try to make a swift reply and always in a way that is respectful of others' beliefs. I only ask that you do likewise. I, the administrator and sole author of this blog, reserve the right to moderate any discussions or debates on this site, and may delete comments that I deem inappropriate or mean spirited.

A few suggestions:

If you have a question or comment about a specific post, please use the comment box at the bottom of that post, so that our comments stay together on a single thread.

If you wish to ask a question or challenge me on an issue that is not covered in a particular post, or that may begin a fruitful discussion of its own. Or if your comment may warrant a new post as a starting point for further discussion, please post in the comments section on THIS PAGE. This is the space for open questioning and friendly debate.

If you are non-Catholic, and are simply inquisitive about the Church, don't be afraid to ask questions - I am not looking for a debate unless you specifically request such an exchange. If your sole purpose is to get a straight answer without being harassed or beaten into conversion, then I assure you I will only provide a simple, concise response and that is all. I have no desire to pick a fight.

Anonymous posts are welcome. I don't need to know your name to answer a question.
As questions are addressed I may periodically clear the old comments to make way for new posts. But I will collect any meaningful exchanges and post them as a blog entry for others to read and learn from.

So, post away...

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