Friday, August 14, 2009

When I began this blog a year ago I had planned to post every week, or at least every other week, as time allowed. However, with the birth of our third child at the end of May, my wife and I have been understandably busy and I have been unable to blog. Now that things have settled down at home, I hope to get back into a more regular schedule of writing.

I have decided to not answer any questions or comments that were left in my absence. I came to that conclusion, not to be rude to any readers, but as a matter of simple practicality. Since I cannot be sure of who is still following this blog, or who might still have any interest in what I have to say after an absence of over two months, I thought it more prudent to ask that any questions or comments be re-posted and attached to this entry so that I can address them as fresh comments. That way, I can save time by not responding to people who may not even be reading, and also people’s comments will be bumped up to this more current date.

In short, I am starting fresh you might say. Sorry about the long absence. Hopefully I will be writing more regularly in the future…

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