Monday, March 29, 2010

Eucharistic Way of the Cross: Thirteenth Station

Jesus' Body is Removed from the Cross

Jesus’ body is removed from the cross. His mother Mary comes forward to receive Him into her arms as once she did the infant Son of God at His birth. She surely wept as she held the lifeless body of her child who came to bring life to the world.

At Mass:

We come forward to receive He who died to bring life to the world as we hear the words: “The body of Christ!”

And we respond: “Amen!”

Mary is called Theotokos - the God-bearer. She bore Christ in her womb and suffered with Him as He accepted His cross and gave up His life for the world. She came forward to receive His body when many others turned away.

We become bearers of God as we come forward to receive His body now. We, like Mary, say “yes” – AMEN – and receive the Lord into our bodies and into our hearts.

[For an explanation of the series of meditations on the Way of the Cross, see this Introduction.]

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