Friday, April 22, 2011

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like - I'll serve up more next Friday...

Save Formality, Save the Liturgy - "At the heart of liturgy is the concept of ritual.  Instead of fitting the Liturgy into our lives, it is in the liturgy that we are taken up into something much bigger, the cosmic worship of God. "

It's Not Just the Economy - "The economy doesn’t operate in a vacuum, and the American people are more than the sum of their 401ks. A society that pursues economic prosperity while ignoring the health of its foundational cultural and social institutions will not prosper for long."

Catholic Social Teaching About Unions - "I think one would have quite a task ahead if they were to argue that the unions of which Leo XIII spoke are the same as those of today.  They are not, for multifarious reasons, not the least of which is their support of political positions that contradict other aspects of Catholic social teaching: abortion, homosexuality, contraception, home education, etc."

The Easter Triduum - "The Easter Triduum holds a special place in the liturgical year because it marks the culmination of the yearly celebration in proclaiming the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ."

Pope Benedict on Keeping Vigil this Triduum - "The liturgies of these days invite us to ponder the loving obedience of Christ who, having become like us in all things but sin, resisted temptation and freely surrendered himself to the Father’s will."

Traditional Latin Mass - videos of Latin Mass being celebrated (one is narrated by Fulton Sheen).

Taking the Measure of Relics of the True Cross - "Helena took a portion of the cross back to Rome, where she had it enshrined in the chapel of her palace (now the Basilica of the 'Holy Cross in Jerusalem')."
The Crucifixion: Wednesday or Friday? - "In some Protestant churches, especially Fundamentalist ones, every year at Easter time there are sermons explaining that Jesus didn’t really die on a Friday but on a Wednesday."

I Scream, Therefore I Am - "We rage and weep because of suffering because we know deep down that we are destined for something better. Our existential wail in the face of suffering is so deep because we know that we were made for infinite happiness."

"Do We Really Desire Him? Are We Anxious To Meet Him?" - Homily given by Pope Benedict XVI for Holy Thursday Mass [For an interesting analysis of this homily click here.]

Viri Selecti - [Reflections on foot washing for Holy Thursday] "Recall that the event of the Last Supper was also the institution of the priesthood. Christ, who came to serve and not to be served, tells the disciples, as priests, to do unto others as he has done unto them. The ritual of the feet washing is an imparting of the mission of charity and service in the priesthood."

Palm Sunday: an example so perfect that it has the power to transform us - A reformed Ordo for Holy Week was issued in 1955 and took effect on 25 March 1956.   That is when the Sunday of Holy Week came to be called “The Second Sunday in Passiontide, or Palm Sunday”."

Got a minute? Make a cross. - Video showing how to transform blessed palms into a cross...with a link to more creative designs.

On the sixth anniversary of Pope Benedict's election...a few thoughts from Benedict himself on the meaning of the papacy, and a video of that moment in Rome.

What I Learned From A Muslim About Eucharistic Adoration - "If I believed that thing that looks like a little round piece of bread was really Allah Himself, I think I would just faint. I would fall at His feet like a dead man."

Super Pig, Super Pig, Super Pig - "As we introduce the changes to the new translation of the liturgy, we have an ideal opportunity for better catechesis of the faithful. The new translation is not perfect, but it is better than what we have." [Note: You will understand the title of this piece after reading it.]

American Church in Decline - "Instead of wringing our hands about the demise of American Catholicism perhaps we had better look on the bright side. Catholicism is still the largest single Christian grouping in the USA by far. Catholics still have political clout and are arguably, the only Christian group that does."

150 Bloggers, An Additional Rome Blognic and a Guild of Catholic Bloggers - "Apparently 750 or so bloggers applied to receive an invite, and the list of 150 bloggers invited to attend has now been released."

The list of 150 bloggers invited to attend in person the meeting at the Vatican - [Well, I didn't make the cut :) but I do recognize a few names.]

A very modest (and not at all ironic) proposal - "Proposed guiding principles for Catholic Bloggers of America."
Catholic Kung Fu? - "...the overall question of whether Martial Arts and Catholicism are compatible depends upon which set of lenses you look through."

Photograph's destruction likely 'what the artist wanted,' charges art historian - "The art installation... “Piss Christ,” had already been subject to weeks of protest by local Catholics. Demonstrations reached such a level on April 17 that some protesters broke into the gallery and attacked it with hammers and screwdrivers."

The Wackiest Holy Week...Evah! - Some outrageous happenings from the atheistic secular mob as they lash out against this holy time for Christians.

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