Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

Some random thoughts and disconnected ponderings and observations to start the week…

Just got back from vacation. Visited several pilgrimage sites. I'll be posting more on those later.

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These past two Sundays we went to Mass in two different states. I'm always grateful that the Catholic Faith is truly universal - no matter where on earth you go, the Mass is always the Mass. Of course there were some minor liturgical issues I had here and there, but the reality of the Eucharist and the connectedness of fellow Catholics coming together to worship is a wonder that is not found in any Protestant denomination.

Something else I have noticed over the years while attending Mass in different regions of the country - active church attendance is directly related to the political leanings of that region. Frankly, liberal areas of the country have empty churches. Sadly, this past week I saw more than one Catholic church building for sale as parishes have closed down due to falling membership. Being liberal and being godless seem to go hand-in-hand. This is not always true (I know of many exceptions, personally), but the relationship is too strong to ignore.

+        +        + I didn't post any headlines on Friday. I had planned to do so, but was unable to get online with any regularity. This week I'll be back on schedule.

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