Friday, June 1, 2012

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like - I'll serve up more next Friday...

Bishop Schneider Says: Communion in the Hand is a Great Wound in the Church - "Msgr Schneider recalled then that Pope Benedict XVI has been distributing Holy Communion in the mouth since Corpus Christi of 2008 to the faithful on their knees: 'A true Catholic, and even more a Catholic Bishop, can not ignore the Pope's  gestures.'"

Democrat Commiteewoman Resigns from Party, Cites Her Catholic Faith- [I know many people disagree, but I personally feel that at this point you cannot be both Catholic and a Democrat.]

Democrats Defeat Bill to Ban Sex-Selection Abortions - [Of course they did... Once again: you can't be Catholic and Democrat. Look at what the Party stands for.]

Sex-selection abortion ban draws majority support but fails in House - "Normally, this majority would be enough for the bill to pass. However, the legislation was brought up under a suspension of normal rules. As a result, it would have required the support of two-thirds of the lawmakers in order to pass."

The Contraception Contradiction - "...policymakers and activists do a profound injustice when they argue that lowering rates of unintended pregnancy and abortion is simply a matter of improving access to contraceptives and ensuring all children are taught how to use them. In many cases, those policies are making matters worse."

Church Is Still Not State - "Americans are a tolerant people, but past some point they push back. With the HHS mandate upon them, a lot of Catholic voters are thinking resistance. It's an old American tradition."

Gay Marriage and the Minority Vote - "Are not radical feminism and homosexuality far greater threats to America’s identity than an influx of immigrants and minorities? Should the conservatives cede the minority vote and allow the Democrats to be the party of the immigrants?"

'Catholic Voices' Reaches America Just in Time for a Full-Blown First Amendment Battle - "Put simply, the challenge for the Pope and for Church leaders throughout the West — and all the faithful — is to 'reframe' the public’s understanding of the Church in the modern world and the shifting dynamics of Church-state battles."

Did Jesus Really Sin? - "Whether it’s Jesus sinning or the Blessed Mother not being a Virgin or other evidence of Catholics being ignorant about their faith, it all adds up to a crying need for sound, systematic catechesis.'

Authority of the First Popes - "Protestantism has been compelled to rewrite all history according to it’s own necessities. As French historian Augustin Thierry has written, 'To live, Protestantism found itself forced to build up a history of its own.'"

Luther and Calvin v. Augustine and Justin Martyr on Free Will - "One of the core tenets of Calvinism is the belief that there's no such thing as free will, particularly in regards to matters of salvation.  What strikes me about this doctrine is that I'm not sure anyone really believes it."

If hope is certain, why can't I be sure of my own salvation? - "If we are saved through hope, and hope is certain; why is it that the Catholic Church teaches that it is a heresy to say that I am certain of my own salvation? How is it that theological hope can be certain without being presumptuous?"

Should We Say Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit? Is there a difference? - "...there are positives and negatives to both terms. This is why I often use both 'Holy Ghost' and 'Holy Spirit' interchangeably on the blog, in lectures, and in conversations."

New Church In South Carolina by James McCrery - [Designs like this let you know that Catholic art and architecture have a promising future.]

My Complete Ignorance of History Finally Pays Off - "I honestly had no idea what was going to happen next during the movie. If you had told me that the President of Mexico was going to challenge the leader of Cristo Rey to a break dancing competition for all the marbles I would've had no basis for arguing against it."

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