Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

I finally bought a new edition of the Roman Missal. I purchased the New Saint Joseph Sunday Missal, which is the same publication I previously owned before the updated translation was released. The basic layout of this new missal is exactly the same as the older version. However there are some new illustrations incorporated into the text that look less "dated" than the older illustrations. I much prefer the style of these newer drawings. The full-color reproductions of artwork scattered throughout the book are exactly the same as before.

I must say that the most noticeable difference is that the overall quality of the binding is much improved. The older edition I owned was hard-bound and held up well enough, but the texture of the cover seemed cheap and showed a lot of wear from years of handling. This new cover is also hard and sturdy, but seems more durable and has a nice "leather" texture that was missing on the old one. It just seems to be a more solid construction.

I have read that the publishers producing missals after the new translation came out had taken this opportunity to put more care into the construction of these sacred books. A greater effort was made in selecting materials and ensuring a quality product for use in worship. It seems that this effort has paid off. I'm impressed.
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Incidentally, if you have a missal and you find it difficult to quickly turn to the correct Eucharistic Prayer (or other portion of the Mass) without fumbling with page markers or ribbons, I suggest using removable tabs which stick on like Post-It notes without damaging the page or leaving behind a residue. (Follow this link to see what I mean.) They can be peeled off and repositioned several times without loosing their stickiness, and they come in many colors, so you can color-code different sections of the missal. But they are delicate enough that they do not damage the thin paper used in missals. I highly recommend them.

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Obviously I'm back from vacation. It was restful...if short. Hopefully I can get back into blogging with some enthusiasm. We shall see.

Oh, and don't forget to continue with the Fortnight for Freedom prayer. See this post for more details.

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