Monday, June 14, 2010

Catholic MP3s

The start of the summer has been busier than expected, and it seems that I have begun to neglect my blog. With lawn work, gardening, family events, and vacation planning I just haven't had the time to dedicate to writing. That should change as I settle into a more stable routine (and drier weather causes the weeds in the garden and the grass in the lawn to not grow as quickly). In the meantime I have a few links I would like to post...
While I work around the yard or in the garden I often listen to music to pass the time. I purchased a cheap little mp3 player (nothing fancy, but it gets the job done), and I transferred music from CD into mp3 format and acquired some music from friends and family. But I also found some great sources for mp3s online...for free.

Specifically, I would like to point out some Catholic sites where you can download lectures and other apologectics materials from people like Scott Hahn, Patrick Madrid, Steve Ray, Karl Keating, Peter Kreeft, Father Neuhaus, Father Groeschel, Father Corapi, Archbishop Fulton Sheen, and many, many others. There are also many EWTN broadcasts found at these sites, such as
The Journey Home program.

You will find the links below:

Sonitus Sanctus
Catholic Audio
Evangelical Catholic Apologetics
Catholic Ipod

The quality of some of these recordings is not stellar, but what do you expect for free? The content however is excellent, and they allow for hours of contemplation while doing otherwise mundane tasks around the house. Great for listening in the car as well.

Also I'd like to point out an excellent source for Classical recordings:

Classic Cat

This site offers a HUGE selection of royalty-free music to download for free. Much of it is orchestral pieces by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, Handel, Bach, Haydn, and all the usual names in Classical music (along with many obscure composers as well). Among these works are some choral pieces such as chant and Mass settings and hymns.

Enjoy listening!

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