Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few changes to the blog...

I added a few things to the blog…
In the sidebar to the right, I added some links to some posts that I consider important. Among these are: Patristics, Question and Answer, and the book reviews that I have written for The Catholic Company. All of these are ongoing projects and I will add new links as they grow.
A few words about each one:
Patristics is the study of the earliest Christian writings from the first few Centuries A.D. These texts teach us how the early Church understood the faith, how they worshiped, and what they believed doctrinally. I have been slowly reviewing the writings of these first Christians beginning with the First Century and moving forward. More to come in future posts.
Question and Answer: I have received many questions over the years concerning Catholic belief and practices. Periodically I will be selecting from those questions and posting a reply here on the blog. If you have a question to ask (anonymously if you prefer) please post a comment. (I recommend commenting on the most recent blog entry on the home page of this blog, even if your question is not relevant to the topic in that post. I will be more likely to see the comment in a timely manner if it appears in a current post.)
Book Reviews: I recently partnered with The Catholic Company website to write reviews of books here on my blog. Links to the book reviews I have written are listed under The Catholic Company Logo in the bottom sidebar of this blog. Just to be clear, I am under no obligation to write a favorable review – I write what I honestly think about the book and submit the review to The Catholic Company for use on their site. If you are shopping for Catholic books, religious items such as rosaries, statues, devotional items, etc. check out The Catholic Company on the web. They sell more than just books.
…Also I will be starting a new series based on the Catechism of the Catholic Church. The posts in this series will contain selected quotes from the Catechism on specific topics or with a common theme. I will not add any comments or explanations of my own, but will simply allow the Catechism to speak for itself. Under the heading “Catechism Quotes” (or something to that effect) in the sidebar I will give links to these posts for quick reference.

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