Sunday, March 27, 2011

The New Translation and Other Liturgical Matters...

If you are one of those Catholics who is still wondering why we need a new English translation for the Mass, read this post by Father Z at his blog, aptly named: "What Does the Prayer Really Say?" Check out the comparison he lays out between the new translation (which will be used starting in Advent of this year) and the current translation now in place. When put side-by-side against the literal meaning of the Latin it is easy to see why we needed a new translation. And it is horrible to think that we have put up with such an awful rendering of the Liturgical texts for as long as we have.

The upcoming liturgical changes have me thinking more about the Liturgy in general. In the near future I will be posting some thoughts on other aspects of the Liturgy that interest me, especially areas where I personally believe we might benefit from some prayerful reflection.

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