Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Further Defense of Marriage...

Once again, another excellent testimony to the correct understanding of marriage...

"The importance of male-female sexual union in marriage – both its unitive and procreative aspects – is largely ignored or denied by people today, even by Christians. And why is this fundamental component of marriage denied today?


"The advent of modern contraceptive methods has completely redefined marriage in the hearts and minds of most people today. The procreative aspect of sexuality – being open to children – is seen as something superfluous to a good marriage. The unitive aspect of sexuality – a man and a woman becoming 'one flesh' – is also minimized, as sexual pleasure is exalted as the only good in the sexual act. But the Church has always taught that a marriage requires that a couple have this proper understanding, at least implicitly, of sexual intercourse for the union to be valid.

"By accepting the divorce between marriage and authentic human sexuality more than 50 years ago, we have laid the foundations for today’s gay 'marriage' push. For if procreation and male/female sexual union is irrelevant to marriage, why shouldn’t homosexuals be allowed to marry?"

Read the whole article here.

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