Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

Today is the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In light of that, here is a link explaining the event that is celebrated on this important Holy Day:

And here's one that I found particularly interesting:

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With school starting, I have had several conversations with friends about homeschooling versus public school versus Catholic school. Our kids attend public school for several reasons including financial. But I see the benefit of both the parochial and homeschooling options. From a religious point of view, homeschooling certainly allows a parent to instill a strong faith in their children and to be directly active in their education. Likewise, Catholic schools provide an opportunity for children to learn their faith and to share it with others who are also Catholic. But I think public school offers a unique opportunity for a Catholic child to become a “light” to others. Surrounded as they are with secular ideas and non-religious peers, they have a chance to become a “voice in the wilderness.” Too often, the public schools are without such a faith perspective. A solidly Catholic family can be a strong witness in such a setting. Although it does require that parents be particularly diligent about instilling a firm foundation of faith in their child before sending them into this secular school system, the payoff can be twofold – a child can learn confidence in defending and explaining their faith, and other children may benefit from witnessing an authentic Catholic life.

The bottom line is: Each of these schooling options is a valid choice for parents depending on their circumstances and their child’s personality. Too often we divide into camps, trying to tout the benefits of our own schooling choice. But I think each family is called to live out their own vocation in their own unique way.

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I came across and interesting insight recently: When we pray as Christians we often end our prayers with the words, “…through Jesus Christ, our Lord.” We do this because we recognize Jesus as our mediator between God and humanity. But we must also realize that we are all members of the Christ’s Body. If we truly believe that our prayers will be answered “through Christ,” then we must understand that this will often require effort on our part. As the Body of Christ we will be called upon to bear part of His burden. We cannot sit idly by, expecting God to hand us our heart’s desire or to solve our problems with no cooperation from us. As the Body of Christ, we must be fully engaged in bringing about God’s Will on earth. When we pray that God’s Will be done, we are active participants in making that a reality.

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