Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and musings to start the week...

Happy Easter!!! Yes it is still Easter. And don't let anyone forget it.

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This weekend we had our May Crowning of Mary at our home. It wasn’t anything elaborate. We just made a wreath of silk flowers to go on the concrete statue of Mary in our front yard. We said a Hail Mary and placed the crown on her head. As the month of May continues, we (as a family) will be learning the Hail Holy Queen and the Angelus so that we can use one of these prayer next year for the crowning as well as on important Marian feast days.

I had never participated in a May Crowning until we started doing this brief “ceremony” with the kids a couple of years ago. So I have no idea what the typical celebration should look like. I know I could look up some resources online, but we’ve just been letting it take shape for us as each year goes by. It’s a shame that such celebrations are not as common in the Church these days. I feel like our Catholic heritage has been impoverished since the time of Vatican II… but don’t get me started on that.

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Speaking of statues, I plan on purchasing a St. Francis statue soon to place near our garden at home. Our kids play outside a lot, and I’ve noticed that they do pay attention to the religious statues we already have in the yard: they bring flowers to Mary, or they pray before the Sacred Heart. Strategically placing these reminders of the faith in the appropriate place around the home (or in this case, the yard) can be a great teaching tool. As the home is the domestic church (sort of the Church in miniature), the yard is like a mini-world to kids, where shrines and monuments can call our attention and draw us in on pilgrimage.

When my wife and I plan our family vacations we always try to include some shrine or church or religious site to visit along the way. We pause for a spiritual break as we enjoy our time away from home. I see the kids do a similar thing in our yard. They may be fighting dragons or building castles in their minds, but along the way they pass a statue over in the corner near some shrubs and they pause (even if just long enough to tap its head and then move along), and so they are reminded of their faith amid their daily activities. A twenty dollar hunk of concrete and some white paint can go a long way to teach a valuable lesson.

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