Saturday, October 20, 2012

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like. I'll serve up more next Friday...

[Oops... One day late. I was busy last night and did not get a chance to post.]

Stand Up For 'Religious Freedom' this weekend! - "This weekend, thousands of faithful will gather across the nation to protest what is widely believed to be an unconstitutional mandate issued by the Health and Human Services Department. This mandate requires that all Catholic and other religious institutions must pay for anti-life services that violate the freedom of religion and conscience of the faithful."

Obama vs. Romney, Round 2 - [A round-up of commentary and analysis from the National Catholic Register.]

Presidential debate played like a prizefight - "Both routinely went well over-time in their remarks, and often spent the beginnings of new questions trying to get the last word in on the previous."

What Will Hillary Get Out Of This? - [I found this piece particularly insightful. And I have not seen this conclusion drawn anywhere else. But it makes A LOT of sense.] For more context see this: Hillary Clinton commits political 'seppuku'

Oops! Obama Accuses Planned Parenthood of Breaking the Law - "...President Obama stumbled into accusing one of his campaign’s largest benefactors—Planned Parenthood—of serially violating a federal women’s health law designed to protect breast cancer patients by claiming that the abortion giant provides mammograms even though it has no license to do so." See also: Obama Defends Funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Romney Will Cut Planned Parenthood Funds His First Week in Office - "Why on earth should American taxpayers be paying one-quarter of International Planned Parenthood’s budget?"

Ann Romney Would be First Pro-Life First Lady Since Roe - "Although Presidents Ronald Reagan, George Bush and George W. Bush were pro-life and crafted extensive pro-life records, their wives did not share their pro-life positions."

Economy, Not Abortion, Worries Women Most in This Election - "...according to poll after poll, abortion will not be the deciding factor for the majority of voters, including the majority of women voters. (Among virtual non-issues: the availability of free contraception. Go figure.)" 

Obama Wages War on Catholicism - "...the Obama administration’s willingness to violate conscience rights in pursuit of Obamacare was evident from the beginning."

More Than A Debate - On Ryan vs. Biden: "The most revealing moment was when both were required not to debate, but to articulate their positions, as Catholics, on abortion."

Politics, Social Justice and the Non-Negotiables - "For many on the Catholic left, the confusion of 'non-negotiables' in Church teaching with matters of prudential judgment has become all too common."

Chris Matthews Compares Paul Ryan’s Pro-Life Views to Sharia Law - [Uuuum...Can anyone say, "Media Bias"?]

Phony Attack on Paul Ryan's Catholicity - "...Catholics who exercise the virtue of prudence have no problem voting for a man whose position on abortion would save the lives of over 1 million babies a year. This is especially true when compared to a man who would not save one baby out of the 1.2 million killed every year."

Catholic Bishop: Pro-Abortion Biden Shouldn’t Receive Communion - "It’s clear to me that the Code of Canon Law, Canon 915, says that a Catholic politician who publicly espouses positions that are contrary, not just to any teachings of the Church, but to serious moral teachings, should not receive Holy Communion until they recant those positions publicly." [Could not agree more!]

A Plea to Catholics in Ohio: Help Us Win - "And if you do not live in Ohio, chances are you have friends and family who do! Get in touch with them and make sure they know their responsibility to exercise their right to vote!"

Evangelical Landslide for Romney? - "Full throttle evangelical support for Romney was not widely anticipated. Evangelicals do not see the former Mormon bishop as one of their own, as they did Bush."

To Abolish Abortion, You Must Vote Pro-Life First - [Remember this when you cast your ballot!]

Catholics and Voting Pro-Life: Social Justice Begins in the Womb - "Of course, the term 'social justice' makes some conservatives cringe because it has been co-opted by those who crave moral legitimacy for their political ends even as they seek to marginalize the Church. But these leftist distortions are meant only to mislead."

Obama, Romney trade light-hearted barbs at charity dinner - "Held at the Waldorf-Astoria, with Timothy Cardinal Dolan seated between them, Obama and Romney dined on epicurean cuisine before launching a volley of gags at the podium." [Includes video. Very funny.] See also: Romney Shares Pro-Life Views, Hits HHS Mandate at Al Smith Dinner

Do Our Possessions Possess Us? Learning the Logic of Giving on the Path to Evangelical Freedom - "Pope Benedict reminds us, no matter what our income, of the dangers of having our possessions possess us." [Includes video.]

Blessed John Paul II Added To U.S. Liturgical Calendar; Feast Day Set For October 22 - "The Vatican Congregation for Divine Worship has approved insertion of the optional memorial of Blessed John Paul II in the proper calendar of the dioceses of the United States."

What’s in a Name?: NFP vs. Fertility Awareness - "The Obama administration did not recognize the seriousness of its infringement upon religious liberty with the HHS mandate because it did not believe that Catholics cared about the Church’s teaching on contraception. It is incumbent upon all Catholics to prove that assumption wrong."

Catholic Myth Busting: One Step Is Often Enough - "If we are able to dispel one misunderstanding for a particular person, we’re well on the way toward dispelling all of that person’s misgivings concerning the Faith. This is true largely because of the hidden motives which tend to produce and govern such misunderstandings."

Submerged in the Ocean: Challenges Often Arise After Catholic Conversion - "The Church’s very oceanic vastness means that even inside one can be tempted to look at only one small corner of it and label it 'Catholicism.' Some converts become obsessed with Church architecture or a particular spin on Catholic social teaching or a Marian devotion or a particular aspect of the liturgy."

Atheism is on the rise. Catholics must do a better job at evangelizing - "It seems fitting, then, that Pope Benedict has called for a year of faith. Catholics must be vigorous in spreading their faith – the one true faith – to others around the globe."

What is a Demon? - "It may seem surprising that some angels would choose to hate God. But we need to understand that those who rebelled saw God no longer as a good—as the Good—but as the oppressor of their freedom."

“Domestic monastery” or “annoying introvert”? – it’s a fine line - [I had to laugh. My wife sent this article to me. It totally describes us.]

A New Monastery in the Midwest - [I'm a sucker for great architecture, and it's heartening to see such a beautiful new construction in the modern age.]

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