Friday, November 2, 2012

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like. I'll serve up more next Friday...

All Souls Day - "These days remind us that love is stronger than death, that Christ’s death for us means that our beloved deceased who believed in Christ are very much alive."

Announcing National Check In to Mass Sunday! - "...please join me in publicly proclaiming your choice to exercise your First Amendment freedom by joyfully attending Mass. You can join the event on Facebook I’ve created to remind you to check in on Sunday and invite others to attend as well."

Catholic Countdown to Election 2012, Day 4. Put Out Into the Deep and Vote! - "As we head into the final week of the presidential campaign, I cannot help but be preoccupied by the tone of the debate surrounding what is being referred to as 'women's issues.' This language seems to be code for abortion rights and now a mandate upon employers to offer contraceptives, sterilization and abortifacients to employees."

New Polls Confirm Romney Momentum in Battleground States - [I hope and pray that it holds up.]

Romney Early Voting Lead Could Portend Election Victory - "Gallup released a new poll showing Romney leading Obama in early voting, something that had been a key part of the Obama campaign strategy. The polling firm also reported that more Republicans than Democrats have already voted by a margin of 19 to 15 percent."

Why Every Christian Voter Should Vote for Mitt Romney - "His opponent, the sitting president, is radically pro-abortion (when you support taxpayer funding of abortion, you’re beyond “pro-choice”), has launched a frontal assault on religious liberty and the most basic rights of conscience, seeks to redefine marriage, has led the most anemic economic recovery since the Great Depression, and advances a hope-based foreign policy that is imploding in front of our very eyes." See also: Why Catholics Shouldn’t Vote for the Blatantly Anti-Catholic Party

Not only *can* Catholics vote for Romney, but we *ought* to. - "I make no categorical claim that a President Mitt Romney will have a perfect record on all of these areas—only fools make categorical claims about the future actions of politicians. But the nearest to a categorical claim any of us can make is that Barack Obama, if given the chance, would continue to be the most anti-life, anti-religious liberty president we have ever endured."

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Religious Liberty - "The Founding Fathers understood that democracy flourishes when all people, including people of faith, are allowed to freely associate and thereby create civil society."

The Light Dawns: American Bishops and the State - "...the American bishops very frequently seemed to view government as the primary source of human flourishing, unconsciously joining in the demonstrably fatal modern embrace of the all-encompassing State. If one had not lived through this period of disregard for the dangers to the common good posed by the State, one could not possibly have imagined how uniformly the American bishops—and indeed, most Western bishops—would have fallen prey to the empty promises of the State’s elusive charm."

Bishop: Obama, Politicians Who Support Abortion Reject Jesus - "Bishop Jenky instructed priests in the Diocese of Peoria to read a letter this Sunday to churchgoers that cautions them about President Obama and pro-abortion members of the U.S. Senate who have rejected attempts to make it so the Obama HHS mandate does not force Catholic churches, businesses and organizations to pay for abortion-inducing drugs for women."

Catholic Bishop: Vote for Obama “Stretches the Imagination” - "It is inconceivable to me how Catholics could support such policies. Indeed, Roman Catholics who support abortion rights and vote for a candidate because of those policies, place him/herself outside of the life of the Church. In so doing, they also place themselves in moral danger."

New Catholic Cardinal: Catholics Can’t Vote for Pro-Abortion Candidates - Burke: "As a bishop it’s my obligation in fact, to urge the faithful to carry out their civic duty in accord with their Catholic faith."

Report: Enough Spent on Welfare Programs in 2011 to Write Every Poor Household a $59,523 Check - [If government welfare is really about helping the poor, then where does all of this money go? It feeds the bureaucracy! This is a sham! It is NOT Social Justice!!!]

Left, Right, and Debt - "Left and Right will never agree about abortion, capital punishment, gun control,  and a host of other issues, but one would think that when 'money talks, ideology walks.' Unfortunately our leftist pals will hold to their ideology even unto fiscal doom."

Romney: “Two Lives at Stake in Abortion, I Care About Both” - [You won't hear that from a Democrat!] See also: Mitt Romney Must Learn the Language of Life

Romney Applauded for Trying to Save Baby From Abortion - [In other news: As state senator, Obama voted to allow infants born alive during abortion to die without medical attention. - Do you see the contrast in these two candidates?]

Enough is Enough: Rape Babies Don’t Deserve Death - "Our civilization rests upon the recognition of certain inalienable human rights, and the first of these is the right to life. A rapist takes away a woman’s control of her own body in the most vile way imaginable. But an innocent unborn child does no such thing."

Election Could Decide Fate of Abortion for 40 More Years - [YES, it is really THAT important!] "Next January, the United States marks 40 years of virtually unlimited abortion under Roe v. Wade and more than 55 million unborn babies have lost their lives in this national travesty. The next president will have an opportunity during the four-year term to leave an indelible mark on the nation’s high court."

Moral Coherence and Voting: Courageous Bishop Daniel Jenky Calls Catholic Citizens to Loyalty to the Lord First  - "To insist upon the fundamental Human Right to Life is not single issue politics. Human rights are goods of human persons. When there is no human person to exercise them all the rhetoric extolling them is sloganeering and sophistry."

Bishop explains how voting can jeopardize your soul - "Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay has gotten some attention in the media for stating the obvious. Ricken told parishioners that their souls could be in jeopardy should they vote for candidates that advocate 'intrinsically evil' positions."

No communion for Joe Biden - "Vice President Biden is a professed Catholic, but he has spoken openly of his support for anti-life measures including abortion. Together with President Obama and Kathleen Sibelius, Biden has stumped for the passage of Obamacare's Health and Human Services which provides free contraceptives and abortifacients on demand." See also this piece: Pro-Abortion Biden Claims He’s a “Practicing Catholic” In New Ad

Obama’s Voting=Sex Ad Shows He Views Women Like Playboy Does - "I’m not surprised many 20-somethings think this campaign Web ad is cool and funny; young people tend to lack wisdom. But the president of the United States, who is also the father of two young daughters? If Barack Obama really does think his ad’s messages are cool, he’s revealing more about the way he thinks of women than he may realize."

See also this piece on the Voting=Sex ad: A New Campaign Low. Presidential Character and the Lena Dunham Advertisement

Obama abandoning hope - [Let's pray that he has lost all HOPE of winning.]

Hey President Obama: Women Vote on All Issues, Not Just Abortion - "When I look at commercials released from President Obama and Tim Kaine, I routinely find myself asking, are there millions more votes coming from 18-year-old girls than I am aware? Because the 'all sex, birth control and abortion all the time' message just doesn’t play with serious women with any life experience."

Real War on Women: Obamacare Reduces Women’s Health Coverage - "In what’s become a hallmark of the president’s philosophy, real women’s health care has been shunned in favor of sexual health care."

Some Clarity on the Contraception Debate- "Ironically, the Catholic Church is in the pro-choice position on this issue. It is arguing that it and others should have the freedom of choice to decide whether or not to provide coverage for non-therapeutic contraceptives."

 Voting Ad Has Kids Singing: Romney Will Let Sick People Die - [You have to see the video... If it wasn't so sad, it would be funny.]

How did Kyle Clark get past the Praetorian Guard? - [The biased media has been largely silent on important questions that need answers!]

GOOD NEWS - China may end one-child policy! - "This week, officials in Beijing published a report from the China Development Research Foundation that calls for an end to the country's onerous one-child policy."

Islamic terrorists from Mexico infiltrating U.S. for next attack - [The Bishops and liberal Catholics need to realize that their soft approach to illegal immigration poses a threat to American lives.] 

Pope Benedict XVI Tells General Audience: The Church is the Place Where the Faith is Transmitted - "...the fact that I believe is not the result of solitary reflection, it is the fruit of a relationship, a dialogue with Jesus which causes me to emerge from my 'I' and to open myself to the love of God the Father." [Includes Video]

The Virgin Mary is an Intrinsic Element of Christianity - "If a Christian refuses to see God's glorious election in choosing the Blessed Virgin Mary as the perfect Mother of His Divine Son, then that soul does yet see the beautiful plan of human salvation."

Canonization of Saints: Why Miracles Are Necessary - "This is what adds a true theological dimension to the process of sainthood. It is what elevates it beyond mere human process in which a person is recognized as holy into one in which heaven itself witnesses to their holiness."

Winning the Battle for Souls - "A former satanist recounts her return to the Church and provides some timely advice about dealing with Halloween."

Lutheran Ordinariate? - [Maybe...maybe not. But I find it interesting that this path to unity is drawing others into the Church.]

What Google Street View Reveals About Why Women Don't Want to Stay Home - "The human mind revolts against isolation. Even those of us who are more introverted will eventually start to feel worn down by stepping out on the front porch to a silent, deserted street day after day."

Tired of Bad Church Art? Do Something About It! - "'Like what?' you say. Well, how about supporting Catholic art education so that we can get better Catholic artists?"

Of course everyone has heard about Hurricane Sandy, and many have already seen the image of the statue of the Blessed Virgin that was somehow spared amidst the rubble. That image of hope will be our picture of the week:

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