Friday, January 6, 2012

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like - I'll serve up more next Friday...

Breaking Bad Liturgical Habits, by George Weigel - Part I and Part II

Why Do We Ask Saints to Pray for Us? - "Mary and the saints are more alive and more holy than our family and friends. To refer to them as dead is not at all true. They are more alive in Christ now than even the holiest person on earth."

Arianism Today - "Today Arianism takes a different form, and comes to us in the guise of humanism. By 'humanism' I mean that belief system that takes man as the measure of all things."

What does IHS stand for? - "The meaning of the Holy Name of Jesus." Also, check out this piece on the same topic.

Understanding Christ's Humanity and Divinity - "...Jesus was not human before the Incarnation, and... Nestorianism is wrong for rejecting the Hypostatic Union.  So let's address the Catholic position, and then compare it with the early heresies."

Should government be in the marriage-recognition business? - "Even when a couple chooses not to have or cannot have children, the state’s publicly and legally recognizing their heterosexual, committed relationship as marriage reinforces marriage as a procreative, child-rearing institution in general."

The Prophetic Pope Paul VI, and the Consequences of Contraception - Pope Paul VI "was able to see everything from the loosening of societal morals and the increase in infidelity, to the 'pornification' of culture (and objectification of women), to the risk of state-imposed contraception (including sterilization).  And he saw all of these things in 1968, when perilously few others were sounding the alarm."

Here Comes Fr. Everyone - "I have known priests who play the drums, and priests who look bizarre without a cassock on; preists who bubble over with mirth, and priests who struggle with depression.  Athletes, intellectuals, bon vivants, wet blankets, firebrands, gourmands, shysters, flirts, gentlemen, ascetics, exorcists, prophets, jokers, and weirdos."

Error Has No Rights: Time to Ditch Liberalism for Theocracy  - [Bold essay - can't say that I agree with the author, but he has a compelling point.] "There is no reason to be embarrassed of theocracy. It was the norm up until the eighteenth century. And what have the last three hundred years given us but a few hundred million deaths thanks to the godless spawn of Enlightenment infidels?"

Catholic Beverages: Moored by Reason and Time - "No authoritative Church documents deal with gin or Scotch, lager or stout; nor do they tell us much about how (or how much) to drink."

"My Dad, Fallen Catholic Bishop"? - [I ordinarily prefer not to highlight scandals in the Church, since that is not the point of this blog, but this article takes an interesting angle to a recent resignation of an American bishop.]

Get off the Hulu, Save America -  [This is just plain funny.]

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