Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to begin the week...

The Sunday Gospel was a good reminder for us as we approach Lent. Jesus went off to a secluded place to pray alone. Here we see the Son of God, who is Himself GOD, taking time to pray and visit with God away from other people. He often did this after performing a series of miracles (as in this particular passage) or before a great trial (such as the Agony in the Garden before His arrest). As the miracle of Christmas fades into our past and the trial of Lent and Christ's Passion lay before us, this Sunday's reading is a perfect reminder to us of our own need to step away from the crowds and spend time alone with God.

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After discussing some political and religious issues, my son (8 years old) recently commented: "I wish everyone in the world was Catholic. Then nobody would believe in abortion, and we wouldn't have any Democrats." ...If only it were that simple. :)

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So where are the new missals?! I've had one on back-order for months. And it's not just the company I'm ordering from. It seems that no store has them in stock. The pew cards are looking pretty beat up and just feel gross after so many people have handled them. I just want my own missal so I can follow all the new parts of the Mass, not just the responses that fit on a sheet of paper.


  1. Staunch Democrats and Pro-life supporters are not mutually exclusive. Have a look at

  2. Well, I understand all of that. There are Democrats whom I admire for their pro-life stance. But my son is only 8 - he sees things in a much more simplified way. Thus my response "If only it were that simple." So I do acknowledge your point.

    For the record, I also told him that the first thing we should wish for is that Catholics (regardless of Party affiliation) should obey the Church's teachings and bring those teachings into the political realm. To an eight-year-old it seems simple: if you are Catholic then you believe as the Church teaches...period. He is still trying to wrap his head around the idea of disobeying the Church. He knows that the Democratic platform conflicts with Catholic teaching on abortion and family issues. Abortion is a huge issue for him. He is viewing it from a child's perspective.

    From my own point of view, I see where he is coming from. There is a bizarre double-life that a Catholic must live in order to support the Democratic Party. As an extreme analogy I would offer this: the Germans who supported the Nazi rise to power did so not because of the anti-Semitic rhetoric, but primarily because Hitler promised to bring wealth and prosperity back to Germany. He promised a car in every German garage and food on the table and jobs and glory for the fatherland. Many Germans were willing to overlook the Jewish slaughter. They knew something was wrong when Jews disappeared from their neighborhood and a death camp was built nearby. But the jobs and the money and the glory were rolling in. It was a necessary compromise as far as they were concerned.

    Now I'm not saying that Democrats are Nazis...but to a certain extent any Catholic who actively supports the Democratic Party has to hold his nose to the stench of abortion and justify it because Democrats promise them their goodies. Democrats claim to bring jobs and help the poor (which I would dispute - but that is another debate), and so we have to elect Democrats and work around this abortion issue.

    The Republican Party is far from perfect. But when I look at prominent Catholics in each Party I see a definite trend. The big name Catholic Democrats are not just "holding their nose" at abortion and trying to steer the Party away from that evil. They are champions of abortion and have done much to further the cause. They are also leaning toward redefinition of marriage and other family-destroying policies. However Republican Catholics are more likely to follow Church teaching on issues of life and family. I'm not saying that this is 100% true on either side, but there is a definite anti-life bias in the Democratic Party that Democratic Catholics have bought into. (Again I would stress that the economic arguments that many Democrats use to justify their support of the Party are false. I think they have been duped. But we'll put that aside.)

    I admit, it is not as simple as my son makes it out to be. But he's on the right track. Being Catholic should define your moral outlook. Something in the Democratic stinks. And when you actively support that Party you have a lot of explaining to do to justify that decision. Just as the Germans got the Jewish Holocaust when they agreed to the Nazi Party platform, Catholics get the abortion Holocaust when they sign on to the Democratic Party. Somewhere you along the way you have to justify this with regard to your faith. This recent HHS mandate is simply the fruit of the Catholic-Democrat alliance. First they came for the unborn children, then they came for the Catholics... When you realize that YOU are one of them that is targeted, then it starts to matter.

    Obviously this debate would fill more space than this comments section would comfortably fit... But my main point is that a six-year-old knows more about morality than many politicians.