Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to begin the week...

Just gotta keep telling yourself: No matter how bad it gets, it's all going to be OK. We know who wins in the end.

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Obviously the new Health and Human Services mandate requiring that Catholic institutions pay for employees' contraception coverage has been the hot topic among Catholic bloggers and among friends on social networking sites. Here are a few thoughts based on some comments I shared on Facebook recently:
The Health and Human Services mandate requires that religious institutions pay for coverage of contraceptives and medical procedures that are considered immoral by Catholics. Everyone is free to choose whether these things are moral or not. I'm not forcing that view on anyone. But the government should also not force Catholics (or anyone else) to pay for something that is considered by us to be a sin.

Contraception is not a "healthcare" issue. It is a matter of convenience. Contraception makes it easy to have sex without getting pregnant. So to claim that contraception is somehow saving women or protecting their health is false. All forms of contraception were designed with one goal in mind - to prevent a child. Contraception is not "medicine." Think about it. Medicine is meant to fight a disease. By telling the public that contraception is a "medical" issue the government is making children the "disease." This is not true medicine...they are pushing an agenda that hurts children and women.

I can't stop someone from participating in this contraceptive myth. But likewise the government should NOT require that I and my Church participate.
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The contraception mandate is an egregious attack on religious liberty. Forcing Catholic institutions to pay for sin is an abomination. But the though just occurred to me, what about employers who are faithful Catholics but NOT associated with the Church? What if I, as a lay person owned a business, and I am now forced to pay for my employees contraception? Do I not have the right to object based on my conscience? The Church is right to fight against this intrusion committed by the State, but every individual business owner has a conscience that can be violated as well. Shame on every Catholic who supported Obama and the Healthcare atrocity that he has produced. We are now reaping the results.

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[Note: A fellow Catholic, disturbed by recent events, commented below and mentioned his own blog. I recommend checking out this post of his for more commentary on the HHS mandate.]


  1. We know what horse wins in the end. Me thinks we think a lot alike. Check out our new(er)blog.

  2. Excellent blog! In the post above, I've created a link to your post on "horse racing" - it fits in nicely. Thanks for the comment, and thanks for reading.

    1. Thanks! I'll do the same on our blog in a future post. We men of reason need to stick together.