Saturday, February 4, 2012

One More Headline

Yesterday I posted my usual Friday round-up of headlines. But shortly after I posted, I ran across this well written piece by Pat Archbold over at the National Catholic Register. I wish I had seen it before posting my Friday headlines...but in hindsight, perhaps this deserves its own post. Here's an excerpt:

"Many Bishops have been speaking out and calling for Catholics and Christians of all stripes to contact the Obama administration and demand a revision to the conscience clause in the mandate. If that is their argument, they have already lost. They might win the battle, either through the courts or the election year largess of the emperor, but the war is lost.
"In order to win the argument they must change the argument. In order to change and win the argument, the battle, and ultimately the war, the Bishops need to understand that they were wrong, completely wrong. They were wrong when they supported the health care bill in the first place.

"Back in 2009, the Bishops made a show of demanding ‘amendments’ that would stipulate that no government funds would go to abortion. Given that stipulation, the Bishops Conference was completely on board with compulsory government run health care. They were completely on board with a government that can mandate that you buy something and mandate what it is you buy. In essence, the Bishops helped hand the bullets to the firing squad, and now they are shocked—shocked—when the guns now point at them.
"Lesson number one of appeasement, you cannot just give away a little of your liberty. When faced with the firing squad, you should not just hope that they aim low.

"Once you accept the government can tell you what health care to buy, you are only arguing over degrees of tyranny. That is the wrong argument. When you support the government being able to force people to buy something and force the sellers to sell only what the government wants, even out of some false sense of compassion, you support tyranny. When you support such things, you reject the liberty of the individual to say no. So, when that tyranny inevitably turns against you, you have forfeited the right to complain."

AMEN!! The bishops need to learn that you can't make a deal with the devil and expect to not get burned. Read the whole article here.


  1. This article is exactly what I was thinking! Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Care Association supported the bill, assuming all along that her member organizations would be exempted from these provisions. Now that the bill is passed, and the administration doesn't need her support anymore, they stab her in the back. This is one of the major problems when the government gets to choose winners and losers. You think you'll be a winner with any given legislation, and when you're out of favor, you lose! Indeed, when you "dance with the devil," you get bit.

  2. Hopefully more Catholics will begin to see the light on this issue. Handing over power to the State always carries with it the risk of abuse of those powers. The interesting thing about the American system of government (and the beauty of it) is that the framers set out specifically to LIMIT the government's power. Foremost in their mind is was crafting a system that would restrict the powers of the state over the private sector. The mess we are in now is due in large part to our abandonment of that founding principle. We have yielded too much power to the state.

    Thanks for reading.