Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

Something struck me in the Gospel this Sunday... I've noticed it before, but it really stuck out this time for some reason. After fishing all night unsuccessfully, the Apostles are told by the risen Jesus to cast their nets out and try one last time to catch some fish. As they haul in a huge amount of fish, they realize that it is the Lord standing on the shore, and Peter swims to Him ahead of the boat. Peter finds Jesus already cooking some fish on an open fire. Jesus tells the disciples to bring some of their fish so that He can cook it for them.

What struck me is that Jesus already has fish. He can already feed us without our help. Yet we bring what we have as an offering to Him, He asks for it and He receives it and prepares it for us. He already has what we need, but He takes what we offer to Him, and He perfects it and gives it back to us. And truthfully it is not even our fish that we bring to Him...after all, it is because of Him that we caught the fish in the first place. Without Him we would still have empty nets. It all comes from Him, and He offers it to us in abundance.

I know this is a theme that has been discussed many times before, but like I said, it really struck me this Sunday for some reason.

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I saw this article this morning, and thought I would post it today rather than wait until Friday with the rest of my headlines. This one isn't so much a "news" story as it is just a cute anecdote. It's just another example of Pope Francis' humble style... “But I’m the Pope. Sit down.”

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Finally, and most importantly, prayers go out to the people affected by the terrorist bombings in Boston today. Pray for healing, for comfort, and for justice. Pray for the lives lost and the lives disrupted by this senseless and cowardly act of evil and hate...

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