Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Musings

A few random thoughts and ponderings to start the week...

I missed the Friday news headline round-up, and since last week was a big news week for two important reasons, I thought I would use this Monday's post to share some articles on those two topics: 1) Pope Francis and Holy Week, 2) the gay marriage debate. So, here are a few headlines I selected...

Pope Francis and Holy Week...

Pope Francis' Easter Urbi et Orbi Message - Full Text - "What a joy it is for me to announce this message: Christ is risen! I would like it to go out to every house and every family, especially where the suffering is greatest, in hospitals, in prisons…" See video here.

Palm Sunday Homily: We Must Live the Faith with a Young Heart - "Following is the whole text of Pope Francis' homily during the Palm Sunday Mass that begins the Holy Week celebrations."

Viri Selecti: Who Can Have Their Feet Washed? - [A lot of debate about this among Catholic traditionalists.  I must admit I am one of those who would rather see the male-only foot washing.] Jimmy Akin throws in his two cents here: How Should We Understand Pope Francis Washing Women's Feet?; And here is Simcha Fisher's thoughts on the subject: Unclean

Is Pope Francis’ Pontificate a continuation of Benedict’s? - "In fact, there are several signals of continuity between Benedict and Francis, yet they put into practice their ideas in slightly different ways."

The Pope, the Media, and the Endless Nonsense - "This has been the unrelenting theme of the press: Pope Francis vs. Benedict XVI. They are covering this in an identical fashion to the way they cover presidential politics."

Choosing Freedom: Pope Francis and Social Justice - [Not exactly what liberal Catholics make it out to be.]

Pope Francis to live in Vatican guesthouse, not papal apartments - "Pope Francis has decided not to move into the papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace, but to live in a suite in the Vatican guesthouse where he has been since the beginning of the conclave that elected him..."

Same symbols, different details: Papal coat of arms undergoes changes - [Not really that noteworthy, but I find such things interesting.]

Gay Marriage and the Supreme Court...

Government should get out of the marriage business - [This is one of my favorite articles that I read last week on gay marriage... It is well written and it makes the same argument that I have been making for years. If you only read one of these articles on gay marriage - read this one.]

Supreme Court: Oral Argument on Same-Sex Marriage - [From day one of the two days in which the Supreme Court heard arguments about gay "marriage."] "Suffice it to say that today’s oral argument certainly does not tell us clearly how the Court will rule on this issue.  There is even some question whether the Court will rule at all on the merits of the case." And also: The ‘Science’ of Same-Sex Marriage

Supreme Court Finally Asks the Tough Questions on Same-Sex Marriage - "The justices—and not just the conservative ones—were the first notable culture leaders who asked sound, tough questions."

'Gay Marriage’s' Looming Battle - "The secular belief that we can define our sexuality and, hence, our notion of marriage any way we please is, for Pope Emeritus Benedict, a sign of the most blinding hubris, the pride of those who reject God and then elevate themselves in his place."

Reaping the Whirlwind: A reflection on the deepening darkness that celebrates homosexual unions and activity. - "The fact is, traditional marriage has been in a disgraceful state for over 50 years, and heterosexual misbehavior has been off the hook in the same period."

Same-Sex Marriage: Our Agreements Solve Our Disagreement - "Instead of spewing insults and getting into heated arguments, I'd like to propose a better solution to the debate over same-sex marriage. Let's start from positions bothsides of the debate agree on. Then let's see whose particular view of marriage best explains this agreement." See also: Same-sex Marriage and the Infertility Objection

Rebuttals to arguments for same-sex marriage - "In this article, we’ll examine the 10 most common ones made in favor of same-sex marriage, many of which you’ve probably heard before. By pointing out the flaws, we’ll show how each argument ultimately comes up short."

“Why is the Catholic Church against homosexuals?” - "Many people often misunderstand or misrepresent the Church’s teaching on homosexuality.  The Church is not against homosexuals as persons.  It never has been and never will be. " See also: Gay, Catholic, and Doing Fine 

"The Political Debate on Same-Sex Marriage is Over"...? - "There’s a real problem with making categorical statements like this: they ignore the ongoing nature of politics and immutability of Truth."

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Finally...and most importantly...

Happy Easter!!!

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