Friday, April 19, 2013

This Week's Headlines

As another week comes to an end, this is your chance to top off your glass with a final helping of news, current events, and just plain interesting stuff that may not have made into the mainstream media. A chance to linger for a few more moments before we close the door on the week. Below are some links to articles, blogs, and miscellaneous happenings that caught my eye over the past few days. Sample what you like. I'll serve up more next Friday...

Pope Francis: Where Calumny is, There is the Devil - "The Church has many men and women who are maligned through calumny, who are persecuted, who are killed in hatred of Jesus, in hatred of the faith. Some are killed because they teach the catechism, others are killed because they wear the cross ... Today, in many countries, they are maligned, they are persecuted ... they are our brothers and sisters who are suffering today, in this age of the martyrs."

Sacrifice necessary for Christian life, Pope teaches - "Whichever way we are called to follow Christ, the Holy Father taught, we must remember 'one cannot proclaim the Gospel of Jesus without the tangible witness of one’s life.'"

Many Years! Happy Birthday Benedict - "Last year, when celebrating Mass on the day of his 85th birthday, Pope Emeritus Benedict opened his heart up in a homily. It offers us insights into who he is. It reveals his personal, living faith, the beauty of his spirit, and his capacity for profound theological reflection. So I offer a few excerpts..." [How fitting that I post this piece about Pope Emeritus Benedict's birthday, which occurred earlier this week, and today it is the anniversary of his election as Pope.]

Even amid the celebration of his life, there remains this question: Are we about to lose Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI?

Yes, There Is A Gosnell Trial Coverup by the Big News Organizations - [This trial has NOT been given the publicity that it deserves. To counteract that in my own little way, I have assembled a number of articles that expose the horror that was perpetrated by this man and, by extension, the abortion industry in general.] Here are a few more articles: Report: Mainstream Media Still Ignoring Gosnell Murder Trial ; Gosnell Trial Highlights Media and Regulatory Failure to React to Abortion Abuses ; 72 Members of Congress Demand Media Coverage of Gosnell Trial ; Why I Didn't Write About Gosnell's Trial--And Why I Should Have ; Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell's Trial Should Be a Front-Page Story ...Please share these and other stories about the trial so that word gets out... The mainstream media is not doing its job.

Kermit Gosnell is No Exception: He’s the Face of Abortion - "Kermit Gosnell has been accused of “snipping” the spinal cords of babies born alive in his Philadelphia abortion clinic. Is such behavior crazy, or does it simply follow the logic of an industry that believes the mother’s choice overrides any right to protection that the baby has?"

From Roe to Gosnell - [Very long article to wade through...but it offers much to think about.]

GosnellGate: It’s the A-Word - [The author of this piece is still pro-abortion...but you get the sense that the Gosnell trial is deeply affecting those who hold this view.]

Gosnell Trial, Long Ignored by the Media, a Potential Game Changer - "This is why the Gosnell case can be a game changer for the American conscience: Because decent people shudder at the notion of a baby’s neck being “snipped” on an operating table, they are forced to realize that the same disturbing procedure is legal when performed inside the womb."

The Lethal Logic Behind the Abortion Rights Movement - "...I suspect they are avoiding the story because it demonstrates an undeniable fact: abortion is an act of violence against an unborn child."

In related news: Obama Can’t Comment on Gosnell, Because Obama Stands With Him ; and a friend wrote this piece: On Kermit Gosnell - An Open Letter to the President

Margaret Sanger, the Soviets, and Democrats: Loving Abortion - "It took Democrats a while to get there, but, finally, almost a century after the launching of the Bolshevik Revolution and Margaret Sanger’s organization, they’ve finally arrived at where Sanger and the Soviets found common ground. They indeed act as if, as Sanger said about Stalin’s Russia, 'birth control… is part of the regular service of the government.'"

Author calls for US 'Catholic subculture' to regain identity - "'My critique of Americanism and of cultural assimilation is very real,' he explained. 'What has happened has turned out not to be in the best interest of the Catholic Church in the U.S., but no one started out with bad intentions.'"

Will the Government Tell Christians to Shut Up? - "The First Amendment is supposed to assure citizens that the government will not interfere with their right to free expression. In recent years, however, lawmakers have tried to protect certain groups—women, racial minorities, religious minorities, and homosexuals—by punishing speech that offends those groups."

The Slide Toward State Control - "President Obama, has made his disregard for the consciences of Christians as well as his disregard for religious freedoms, sufficiently clear.  His stance on these issues has provoked a blizzard of lawsuits.  The President does not mind Christians worshipping on Sundays, but he strenuously objects to them practicing their religion during the rest of the week."

Archbishop Lori: ‘We Cannot Evangelize If We Cannot Engage’ - "The U.S. bishops’ point man on religious liberty affirms the continuing need for Catholics to live out their faith-based values in the public square."

Why is the World Ignoring an Islamic Declaration of War of Christians? - [Though this article focuses on Egypt, it is a timely piece considering the developments in Boston.]

Pope Francis calls on Bostonians to "not be overcome by evil" - [I don't really have the kind of blog that can keep up with a story such as the Boston Marathon bombing. But as the story develops it is important to reflect on the spiritual and moral repercussions, which often get lost in the headlines.] And there is this piece: Human Goodness Shines Through, as Boston Reacts to Unspeakable Evil And this post: Boston Marathon: Can We Still Believe in Easter

12 people dead, 60 still unaccounted for in Texas plant explosion - [Please remember this community in your prayers.]

'I just see a huge train wreck coming down,' Senator warns - "Baucus says that people do not understand how the law will work. Speaking to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, he noted that 'You and I have discussed this many times, and I don't see any results yet.'"

A Vigil for Your Marriage - "I realized again how important one hour can be. Making the extra effort, regardless of how busy or fatigued or ready to quit for the day you may be, can be a huge blessing to your marriage."

Marriage Equity Makes Sense - "There is no limiting principle to marriage equality. If all those who seek to marry are to be treated equally, i.e., equal to a man and a woman who seek to marry, then on what basis can we deny two women from seeking to marry one man? On what basis can we deny a father from marrying his daughter? These are not hypothetical."

Justice Sotomayor and the Path to Polygamy - "Surprisingly, the polygamy problem that same-sex marriage presents was raised by an Obama appointee, the liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Sotomayor interrupted the presentation of anti-Prop 8 litigator Theodore Olson to pose the following question: If marriage is a fundamental right in the way proponents of same-sex marriage contend, 'what state restrictions could ever exist,” for example, “with respect to the number of people . . . that could get married?'"

Is Christianity Homophobic? - "No true Catholic church can preach that Jesus hates gays. “Love your enemies” is the message of Christ. Hate the sin and love the sinner is taught as gospel truth in Catholic schools. This has been Catholic doctrine for 2,000 years."

Why the Church would be so ridiculous as to oppose IVF - "The evils and difficulties that result from IVF are not the reason IVF is wrong, they are the natural result of separating life from the act of love, indicators of something rotten at the core of this scientific procedure that holds high the banner of compassion."

Has Stephen Hawking made God unnecessary? - "Stephen Hawking is a brilliant expert in the area of physics, but just because someone is an expert in how one part of reality works does not mean he is an expert in how all of reality works (or what is called metaphysics). Hawking's claims in this area should be reviewed carefully and not taken solely on his own authority."

Visibly shaken Obama bemoans defeat of gun bill - "Obama, now as a lame-duck President has been quite busy between rounds of golf. He has attempted to push through sweeping immigration on a number of issues, however restricting the easy access to guns for citizens was his preferred priority, and remains so."

So Long, and Thanks for All the Intersex Fish - "He's not trying to force you to eat organic food, and he's not trying to prevent you from putting hormones in your body.  He's just reaffirming his right not be forced to supply those hormones to his employees."

Why Gregorian Chant Rocks - "One reason is that it conveys the sacred to the secular. Contrary to the agitating sounds of hip hop, hard rock and heavy metal, Gregorian chant is instead a soothing balm for weary souls and a source of comfort for unsettled hearts. "

5 Reasons to Kill Christian Music  - "Jacques Maritain sums it up: 'God does not ask for "religious" art or "Catholic" art. The art he wants for himself is Art, with all its teeth.'"

Everyone going forward at a “healing Mass” for Anointing of the Sick - "The recent and widespread practice of anointing anyone who is 'not feeling well', or even 'along with a sick person but who doesn't want to be left out', is not consistent with a plain reading of the law of the CCC."

Surprising Debate: Rabbi Lapin asks Penn Jillette if he thinks world would be better if all Muslims became Evangelical - [You really need to watch this. Very interesting exchange. It helps to know going into this that Penn Jillette (from the Vegas duo Penn & Teller) is an atheist.]

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